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About Moress


Moress is a new bead jewelry brand from Thailand. The brand was created in 2009 and can currently be found worldwide. In Thai, the name relates to the Peacock and symbolizes beauty, elegance, prosperity, and love. Created by artisans with know-how of more than three generations, Moress jewelry is rapidly earning reputation for the unique designs and superb craftsmanship.


Moress was created with the belief that people may express themselves individually. Every person has a creative mind.
We would like to invite you to explore our collection and create your own unique piece of jewelery. It’s all about involvement and style.

Our Jewelry

Our beads and bracelets are all fully compatible with other major brands. This let’s you decide which beads you want to wear! Whether you already have a charm bead bracelet or not, let Moress be your source of superior designs and quality.
For our stones we use Pure Brilliance Cut Swarovski Zirconia. Visit Swarovski Gems for more information.


Valangin / Moress

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